‘I have loved these past 8 sessions’
‘The program was awesome’
‘I’m so much more creative in the kitchen’
(Healthy Habits Feb-March 2013 members feedback)

I just wanted to say a great big ‘Thank you’ for your fabulous launch party yesterday! I was gobsmacked at how brilliantly you did everything and all that beautiful food you had made was absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious!! Your passion is infectious. I’m going to try making those yummy chickpea, leek and pumpkin patties today…

Your office setup looks amazing…and what a gorgeous setting to have it in….such a lovely space and place, very conducive to what you’re doing!

Gabrielle (re AHWW event)

I learnt so much – tasty, nutritious, easy to prepare food and attention to the whole ‘Big Picture’- world, environment, people, everything!

Corrie (re AHWW event)

Such an uplifting event! What a buzz of good energy! The whole atmosphere, the food, the people, your great interactive and informal teaching style…all fantastic. I raved about the whole thing to my kids the next day.

Paula (re AHWW event)