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Healthy Habits Group Program             $220 

*Contact Joey for next course dates*

Recorded Program – videos and handouts     $80

6 week group program that covers the information and skills that I want to share with every client I see. I created this program as a fun, interactive and comprehensive course to learn about eating healthy for YOU.

You will complete activities that allow you to discover what foods suit you and you’ll learnt to eat more in tune with your body.

Each session will cover a different topic essential to healthy eating:

  1. Mindful and intuitive eating
  2. Goal setting and behaviour change
  3. Healthy eating and protective foods
  4. Hormones, inflammation and your appetite and weight
  5. Shopping Tour and Label Reading
  6. Cooking session (Demonstration and sharing a 3 course meal and get Healthy Habits Recipe book and cooking tips)

Written support materials are included in each session.

No more than 10 people per group.

Past members comments: ‘I have loved these sessions’, ‘The program was awesome’, ‘I’m so much more creative in the kitchen’.

100% of past members found the program useful, practical, engaging and good value for money.

‘I know what to do, I just have to do it!

Do you find yourself saying this? It’s one of the most common things I hear as a dietitian. Or is it ‘I don’t know if I should go paleo or vegetarian?’

So many of us are confused about what is healthy eating or just feel we’re too busy to do it! Or we start out with great intentions then run out of willpower or just don’t get started.

It’s almost like we think we need to work towards some ‘perfect’ diet and it’s so unclear/intimidation that we don’t take any steps at all!

As a science nerd I wanted to become a dietitian to find out the ‘perfect’ diet, to know all the numbers and nutrients and to develop specific meal plans for people (and myself)! I soon learned that it just isn’t useful or helpful to approach our food intake this way. So I learned how to let go of the need to be able to measure and count things and instead learned how to trust in my body and make eating and preparing wholesome food easy and joyful.

I developed the Healthy Habits Program to help others do the same.

In the Healthy Habits Program you will learn not only what is healthy eating for YOU through activities in the sessions and at home, you will also learn about how to change your behaviour and habits effectively and for the long term, easily and joyfully!

By learning how to eat mindfully and intuitively you can let go of stress around food and just listen to your body – it really can be trusted to know what’s best for you, we just usually don’t listen!

As a mother I can relate to having limited time and energy to devote to food preparation and I’ve learned that a little bit of planning goes a long way.

My only diet philosophy is whole foods and I would love to help you discover how amazing you can feel by making a few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle!

Please join me in the upcoming Healthy Habits program so you can get the clarity and motivation to nourish your body joyfully and feel vibrant with health!


Shopping Tours

Walk through the supermarket, food store or market and learn how to read food labels to select healthy food options.

Can be focused on specific topic e.g. lowering cholesterol or managing food intolerance.

Can be one on one or with groups of up to 6 people.

$120 for 1hr 1 on 1 supermarket tour.

Groups 2-3 people $50 per person. Groups 4-6 people $30 per person.


Tailored Presentations

Joey can develop and tailor a presentation for your community group, workplace or school based on your needs.



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Joey is an Accredited Practising Dietitian committed to holistic nutrition counselling. Her mission is to inspire, educate and assist people from all walks of life to achieve health and wellbeing through healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with food; to empower people to take control over their health by supporting self-efficacy; and to support a sustainable food supply by promoting consumption of local, seasonal and fresh foods and minimising waste.

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